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At 1st Place Chiropractic, we recognize that NUCCA Chiropractic in St. Charles is not the only thing you need to live a healthy life, but it is the FOUNDATION! If you’re out of alignment, your brain and nerves that control everything in your body are not functioning optimally. Whatever else you do for your body simply cannot be as effective as it will be when you’re in alignment.

Products to Consider in St. Charles

Now that you’re improving your health through NUCCA care, you’ll likely want to continue down more paths of healthful living. This resource page is filled with products the doctors and staff here use and love! The more positive ways you take care of your health, the better you’ll hold your alignment too.


Sleeping in a poor position is the number one reason people lose their adjustment. Here are some pillow suggestions that are customizable for a perfect fit. A good pillow is a great investment.

Natural Cleaner and Disinfectant

You may think cleaning is a healthy activity, but the truth is the toxins are taking their toll. Some simple swaps can have you feeling better about what you’ve got lurking under the sink! Force of Nature uses all-natural ingredients along with a unique electrolyzing dispenser to create a powerful clean without any toxins!

Safe Laundry Detergent

Do you ever worry about all the plastics and chemicals that end up in our oceans and landfills? Ironically toxic chemicals get on our clothing just by washing them. MyGreenFills takes care of both of these problems with their refillable, all-natural, laundry program. The soap works great and leaves our clothes smelling fresh! For a limited time, they are offering 100 Free Loads of Laundry PLUS Free Shipping!


Getting nutrients through food is always the most effective. Whether you already eat a diet of all organic whole foods or you or your kids are missing the mark completely, it’s nearly impossible to get all the nutrients your body needs consistently. We love this whole-food-based nutrition from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.


Grow your own fresh food year-round. We love our indoor garden – you may have seen the one in our office!

Toxin-Free Skincare and Makeup

Your skin is your largest organ! It’s tempting to ignore the toxins that we absorb daily through our skin. Replacing conventional makeup with a toxin-free, high-performance alternative is smart, but replacing typical skincare is ESSENTIAL!

Water (Water Ionizer)

Dr. Kleinfelter and her family have been using an under-the-sink water ionizer in their home for over a decade. She believes using alkaline water is important for the health of her family. After doing her own research, she settled on Waterforlife USA for its excellent quality and performance. Dr. K. says she likes that it costs less than other brands and she prefers the look of these under-sink models to any others. She has both the Revelation II and now the newer ion+. Ionized water has been shown to improve sleep, metabolism, digestion, and it will detoxify your body and keep it clean. Plus the water is clean and tastes great!


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