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Associate Doctor, PEAK Intern, and Preceptorship Opportunities at 1st Place Chiropractic

Associate Doctor, PEAK Intern, and Preceptorship Opportunities

We have a wonderful opportunity for the right Doctor of Chiropractic to earn well and learn a ton in a growing practice in the west suburbs of Chicago.

If you are hardworking and hoping someone would train you to help people, have fun, and be successful in practice then you’ve got to talk to Dr. Kyrie Kleinfelter!

Become a part of miracles everyday by sending your resume and cover letter to

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To Future Associate Prospects:

1st Place Chiropractic TestimonialI came to 1st Place Chiropractic hoping I would learn how to build a thriving chiropractic practice.  I wanted to learn how to help patients, how to communicate with patients so they understand their problems, and so they trust my solutions.  What I got out of my experience here was that and so much more.

Right from the beginning Dr. Kleinfelter told me it was going to be hard work, and it may force me out of my comfort zone.  In reality it didn’t take much to put me out of my comfort zone; I was shy and not very confident.  She also reassured me I could do it.  She had me enrolled in the Five Star Associate Empowerment Program, had me learn her systems, and slowly I began to grow.  I could tell you it was easy, but it was not.  It was a lot of dedication and hard work.  It also caused many nerve wrecking and frustrating moments.  But, with each of the frustrations, there were more good fun times.

Learning NUCCA was the best decision I ever made!  I love the technique and Dr. Kleinfelter is great at teaching it.  The patients here are seriously the best! Which I feel helps make the office environment so warm and friendly and fun.

1st Place Chiropractic has given me all the tools I need to build and run my own office.  Leaving here I know I can have the practice of my dreams.

Dr. Alexis Gorman