Chiropractic Testimonials

"I love coming to 1st Place Chiropractic, Dr. Kleinfelter has helped me over the years with neck pain, numbness down my arms, and legs, pain in my knee and back. It's a great feeling being in alignment and feeling good!!!"

- Sandy S.

"I have been seeing Dr. Kleinfelter for over a year and I have to say that it was the best decision I have ever made. I had a shoulder injury, a labral tear that was diagnosed by MRI, and I was told that surgery was my only option to help the pain. Today my shoulder is feeling great and I did not have to have surgery. I am working out again with no pain or problems at all."

- Julee M.

"Everyone is friendly and "on the same page." Our daughter suffers from debilitating New Daily Persistent Headache and after months of playing with meds, we finally tried 1st Place Chiropractic. The improvement came very quickly, and she is feeling so much better. The headache is not yet totally gone, but she is so much better. We are thrilled to have our daughter back."

- John S.

"I don’t like typical chiropractic manipulation. 1st Place is NUCCA and seems to help."

- David C.

"I got relief from my TMJ after the first visit!"

- Karen H.

"I’ve been in Dr Kleinfelter’s care for 17 years now. Not only does my insomnia and numb hand resolve when I’m well adjusted, but my mind is clear and my energy is vibrant. Perhaps most importantly in these recent days, my immunity remains strong and I have not had a virus or flu for many years now. Thanks NUCCA and First Place!"

- Jennifer B.

"I had a wonderful experience at First Place Chiropractic. Thorough assessment, friendly and helpful staff. I highly recommend them for your chiropractic care!"

- Michael S.

"I have been under Dr. Kleinfelter’s care since 2008. Wish I had left my old chiropractor sooner. Dr. K’s expertise has changed my life! She listens to my concerns and helps me as an individual- not just another patient. I HIGHLY recommend her!"

- Laura M.

"I love coming to 1st Place Chiropractic, Dr. Kleinfelter has helped me over the years with neck pain, numbness down my arms, and legs, pain in my knee and back. It's a great feeling being in alignment and feeling good!!!"

- Sandy S.

"They’re the best. So accommodating. Dr.Kleinfelter is very compassionate about what she does. She’s amazing at explaining everything. I absolutely LOVE this practice!!"

- Tamara H.

"I saw amazing results from the first adjustment right a way. I had suffered with headaches, stiff neck, back pain for over 30 years. Well...guess what...most of the pains are gone, I feel about 90% better and improving. That is remarkable. Thank you 1st Place Chiropractors - you are a miracle makers. I am grateful to live pain free."

- Deliana A.

"1st Place Chiropractic has been a great help in keeping me feeling happy and healthy. After being diagnosed with a gastrointestinal disease they were my first place to go when feeling unwell. Now that I no longer experience symptoms from my disease, I still frequent 1st Place for other symptoms like neck and back pain. Super friendly staff that really care!"

- Cailey R.

"Results....pain free, and if that isn't enough, the wonderful, caring, happy staff always ready to assist you"

- Patti B.

"Great company. They helped us with free chair massages for more than 20 of our employees. All employees raved about the quality of the massage and the knowledge that they received. Many have scheduled additional time with the practice. Highly recommend this professional company."

- Michael S.

"My 14 year old son is now sleeping soundly for the first time in years! He had trouble falling asleep, and this adjustment made a huge difference! My daughter who is 12 had a bad fall in a basketball game, resulting in terrible neck, back and stomach pains. One adjustment later she is holding her adjust and all her pain is gone! It's powerful stuff."

- Carole L.

"I got sick with Lyme Disease in 2009. I didn’t know it was Lyme, but it first manifested as severe shoulder, neck, and head pain that was debilitating. I went to the chiropractor I had seen before getting I’ll, the “snap and crack” kind and I felt so much worse after. I couldn’t tolerate the manipulation anymore; my body became so sensitive. I then learned of NUCCA and 1ST Place Chiropractic. The method is so gentle but so effective. I can tolerate such gentle manipulation of the atlas. NUCCA has even helped my neck regain its natural curve. It is the only kind of chiropractic I’ll ever recommend! I love NUCCA and the entire staff of 1ST Place is kind, considerate, and has definitely been part of my healing team for about 4-5 years now."

- Kate B.

"Fun atmosphere with knowledgeable and professional staff that provides very personalized care! Nucca is a refined and gentle chiropractic care for all ages, so glad to have found 1st Place Chiropractic, as they also care about the community and give back to the by providing Wellness in the workplace. 5 stars all the way!"

- Katy M.

"Dr K is wonderful! Everyone there is! I'm incredibly blessed to be as pain free as possible by ensuring that my C1 atlas stays in alignment! thank you!"

- Heather R.

"FPC (First Place Chiropractic) has done wonders for me. I used to have many things that we not right, for example, I had blurry vision, mid back pain, shoulder pain, hand numbness, and a few other things including lack of sleep and anxiety. Now after being in the care of all the very generous and welcoming people, I have had almost no blurry vision, no mid back or shoulder pain, hand numbness, and almost no headaches which I used to get almost daily. As a teenager, I recommend this it many families as NUCCA can be used for all ages. Thank you Dr. P and Dr. K and also Dr. L and we can't forget Christine. Thank you all so much!"

- Anyssa G.

"We were blessed to have 1st Place Chiropractic come in for massage day for staff at our office. Katie took care of all of the details, was very professional, answered all questions, and gave great advice. We were very impressed with her knowledge and her ability to articulate. We highly recommend using 1st Place Chiropractic."

- Lewis J., LDJ Cleaning Professionals

"Excellent, gentle chiropractic that restores health! I had dizziness and imbalance after a car accident, as well as study. 1st place got me on track again. Thank you so much!"

- Rebekah E.

"Our entire family benefits from regular care at 1st Place Chiropractic to maintain health!"

- Shaena D.

"When I started going to 1st Place Chiropractic I suffered migraines. I can happily say I no longer have them! My whole family now goes here."

- Sheri P.

"My family and I have been seeing the staff at First Place for a couple of years. Huge improvement in our overall health and wellness."

- Joe S.

"My pain disappeared after 2 days of gentle neck treatment. I was told how to be careful. At first I came frequently for adjustment but later I did not have to come back so soon."

- Margaret B.

"I have been seeing Dr. K since 2011 and it has been pretty amazing. It is now possible for me to shop for more than two hours without my lower back bothering me. Having one small bone in alignment had made all of the difference."

- Kathryn S.

"After many years of pain and frustration I tried dr Leigh and with lots of patience and rest my alignment is now holding for almost three months. The doctors are committed to helping you get better. The time they put into your case will pay off. I just wish I’d have found them sooner."

- Kelly A.

"Great people. Extremely knowledgeable and genuinely care about people. Katy comes to our location and offers our members free massages and spinal screening which they love. Katy is awesome!!!!!"

- David S.

"I have been under Dr. K care for many years. I was amazed at the gentle touch that would be used to adjust my neck. The touch always worked. I would be able to feel immediate relief. Unfortunately, I recently moved out of Dr. K's area. Dr. K was able to give me a referral to a new doctor. I will truly miss her and the office informative TV videos while I waited for her services."

- Diane T.

"Dr. Windschitl and Sarah came out to our office to give our team free 10 minute massages. We all felt great afterwards and can't thank them enough! They were very informative, professional, and friendly."

- Valena M.

"After many years of fibromyalgia pain, I am pain free! My blood pressure has stabilized and my allergies seem to be in control this season. I love Dr. Kleinfelter, she listens. She is passionate about helping each individual achieve optimal health. Nucca has been a miracle for me. I continue to feel better everyday! A big thank you to all the wonderful staff at 1st Place Chiropractic!!!"

- Linda A.

"NUCCA adjustments are very precise and painless. Dr Kleinfelter is the best!"

- Deb W.

"After 20 years of dealing with lower back pain and a knot in my shoulder I am living pain free thanks to Dr Leigh!"

- Dayna S.

"Very nice people! Looking forward to the next visits!"

- Jenny D.

"Love how I never get"crunched" to get me back in alignment! Nucca has changed my life!"

- Cathy T.

"All my life, my mom or I had to alter the hems of all my skirts because my hips were uneven. Not anymore! After decades(I’m 68), my hips are level and my hems are straight due to the gentle touch of Dr Klinefelter and NUCCA chiropractic. I recommend 1st Place to all who experience (head, neck, back, hip, anywhere) pain, sleeplessness, stuffiness, and overall yucky-ness. NUCCA works! Thanks,1st Place!"

- Leah B.

"Quality, non-evasive, chiropractic care. Great results."

- Steve O.

"Everyone is so nice & so helpful. They help my entire family, including my son since 2 months of age. Love them!!!!"

- Kim C.

"In 2011 I had exteme pain in my lower back and my left leg. I wasn’t able to walk and was wheelchaied into the ER where I was given a MRI to find out I had 2 herniated disks (L4 & L5) I then was given a cocktail of medications that included morphine and valium and then was wheelchaired down to the hospitals pain management center and received cortisone injections into my spine. It was my sister that recommended that I go see Dr. Kleinfelter. I was extremely skeptical about any chiropractic treatment but I agreed to go, I was desperate for relief. I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Kleinfelter and her associates for 8 years now and I know that her practice has kept me from having back surgery and kept me from needing cortisone shots. I had relief from my agonizing pain from the first treatment! These doctors are amazing and truly made a difference in my quality of life."

- Jill C.

"I have been to other chiropractors before but the results were temporary at best. 1st Place Chiropractor and Dr Leigh are amazing! NUCCA results are long-term and work better than anything else! Highly recommend talking to them for any pain and general health!!"

- Linda C.

"Unbelievable care!!!! I could not be more excited about my decreased headaches!!!!!"

- Kristine D.

"This type of chiropractic is so gentle you can’t believe it. It is so gentle yet gives the most benefit. Try it for yourself to experience the benefit."

- Rebecca C.

"1st Pace Chiropractic has been a game-changer! I used to be in constant neck pain and have terrible tension headaches, but that has all changed since I’ve been seeing Dr. Kleinfelter. I’m always amazed that the adjustments hardly feel like anything is being done, yet they are completely effective. I’m so thankful!"

- Kristin M.

"Amazing results!!! knowledgeable, caring and wonderful staff. Wonderful Drs. Nucca is the best type of Chiropractic Care! Helped with my Menieres and nerve pain, so grateful."

- MaryLynn D.

"Doctor Leigh came to my work to do a seminar type thing. There were IT problems and that means "someone go get Murph" and I helped. Stuck around, watched, and kinda related this to other stuff I've been doing in my life the last 2 years. Go into it believing. Yeah it sounds weird, hokey, but I went in believing. First appointment, she did some stuff, and man...

Look, I dunno if it's in my head, psychosomatic I think is the word, but who cares. If you believe it, it's a thing. I found Christianity a couple years ago and holy crap the changes in my life from then till now. I recommend you give them a try. Go in with an open head, they're gonna say some stuff that you're gonna go "ummmmmm....that's crazy talk", but BELIEVE. They're super nice, they laugh at all my dumb jokes, I always feel welcome, they answer EVERY question I think of.

I'm into it. And I feel changes and people are noticing I walk different and sit different and man...just go with it and it'll be real. I'm in week 2. They say give it 4-6. I'll give them 8. So far though, I'm in. Give it a shot."

- Tom M.

"Dr. Klinefelter is great. She has helped me manage my pain for over 10 years."

- Sue S.

"Dr K. saved my life! Can't even begin to explain how my life changed after being helped by Dr K. I tell everyone who will listen about her and the NUCCA method."

- Jill R.

"After years of seeing other Chiropractors I was referred to Dr. Kleinfelter by a friend. I was told that 1st Chiropractic was different and needed to be evaluated. It was a totally different experience than I had ever had before with explanations that went far beyond anything I had before. My symptoms have improved and in some cases been eliminated entirely. After 5 months a chronic problem I had was gone and I felt better than I had in 20-30 years. I had my wife see Dr Kleinfelter and her symptoms have improved also. All this has happened with no painful adjustments. I would, have and continue to recommend 1st Chiropractic and staff to others."

- Rich K.

"I originally went to see Dr.Kleinfelter due to my severe chronic migraines. I believe that their therapy helped improve my condition. I had to move out of state, and have not been able to locate a chiropractor who helped as much as Dr.K was able to, and I wish I lived closer so I could get realigned again. While the migraines are still there, First Place Chiropractic helped me with another issue. After my father passed away, my jaw instantly locked after grinding it while sleeping. For months I was unable to get it open very far, and it was incredibly painful. I tried physical therapy to heal it, and an orthopedic appliance among other things and nothing helped relieve my pain. After literally the first alignment correction with Dr.K my jaw completely unlocked. If you are in chronic pain and are desperately hoping for relief, I would highly recommend you give them a shot."

- Cassie W.

"We really enjoyed having 1st Place Chiropractic offer a massage day for staff at Geneva Public Library. Our staff considers it a great perk, and it's a real morale booster. 1st Place Chiropractic took care of all of the details, was very professional, created a soothing and comfortable atmosphere (in one of our little study rooms, no less!), and provided staff with a lovely break in the day. We highly recommend using 1st Place Chiropractic for your massage day."

- Paula K.

"I started seeing Dr Kleinfelter after a recommendation from a massage therapist for relief from my chronic headaches. It was the best decision I could have made, For the past five years I have been off muscle relaxers and migraine medication and I feel great! I tell anyone who will listen nuucca can change your life."

- Michelle V.

"I highly recommend 1st Place Chiropractic. I have been coming here since August 2019 and I have felt so much better. My neck and back pain are gone under the care of Dr Leigh Windschitl."

- Lito M.

"Thank you for being there for me for MANY years!! Staying well feels good! Great staff and love Dr. K!!"

- Jill D.

"We love 1st Place Chiropractor and Dr. Kleinfelter. My son has been helped for over 2 years for scoliosis. We have not seen any increase in his curve and improvements in all other measurements! He holds his adjustments longer, has little to no headaches, no pain, and his hip alignment continues to improve! Everyone in the office is very helpful, kind and the wait time is very reasonable!"

- Jocelyn S.

"I'd recommend this business to anyone that is having pain in their daily lives! I've been going for over a year and I feel so much better! I actually felt amazing the first time I was adjusted! I also know when I'm out of alignment so I make sure to go see Dr. K and Dr. Leah asap!"

- Kayla S.

"I have been seeing Dr. K since 2011 and it has been pretty amazing. It is now possible for me to shop for more than two hours without my lower back bothering me. Having one small bone in alignment had made all of the difference."

- Kathryn S.

"A couple years ago my wife finally convinced me to go see Dr Kleinfelter. I thought "they aren't going to do anything but take my money" Boy was I wrong! After a couple of adjustments my back felt much better and my acid reflux that I have fought with since I was a teenager was gone! It still amazes me how such a little adjustment can make such a big difference but it does. Trust me, go check it out!"

- Michael L.


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