I suffered from migraines since I was 14 years old, and had gone the typical medical route.

Typically the headaches would come on toward the end of my work day. I had as many as 5 headaches a week. The headaches were also accompanied by neck and upper back pain. I went to Diamond Headache Clinic and was on a lot of medications, both preventative as well as abortive, and each carried with it the standard warnings about potential kidney or liver damage. That’s serious!

After my years of childbearing, the headaches came back with full force. I went back to other kinds of medicines; but migraines kept me in a very restricted lifestyle. My son got used to me asking him to give his little sisters a bowl of Cheerios or something for dinner because I was in bed with a migraine. It is very hard to be a single parent with a severe migraine headache. My kids became very accustomed to my being in bed, and they became rather independent.

One day, a friend of mine asked me how I was doing with my migraines and I told her. She said that she wished I would try NUCCA Chiropractic. I hadn’t ever heard of NUCCA Chiropractic, but I was very open to trying it when she told me stories of mutual friends who suffered from migraine headaches who also benefited from NUCCA.

I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the science behind it, and it made so much sense. Dr. Kleinfelter did not presume to do anything by way of treatment until she had studied the x-rays, as well as explain them to me. Dr. Kleinfelter was so gracious and it was so easy to trust her because she had also experienced healing through NUCCA after being so debilitated. Debbie, her Office Manager, is just so kind, pleasant, gracious, and has a good sense of humor. 1st Place Chiropractic was professional, yet family oriented, and friendly at the same time. I also went to the NUCCA web site and read everything I could find about it. It just made a lot of sense, and seemed so much more scientific than the typical “crack-your-neck” method. I had my neck and back cracked so many times previously, and it either would or would not help, but it never helped for long. Now I realize it is because there is a degree of precision that is needed for this type of misalignment. Through years and years of abuse to my spine and the deterioration that occurred, my x-rays are horrible looking. Dr. Kleinfelter explained that my back can’t be completely restored, but the goal is not having a beautiful x-ray, it is being symptom free and preventing further degeneration.

I have been under Dr. Kleinfelter’s care since June 2005, and have gone months without needing an adjustment, and it’s been absolutely wonderful! I feel healthy and energetic. I feel like I could get out of bed in the morning and face my day. I feel like I have more hours in my day, and it is very, very good. I thought, wow, this is how a lot of people feel all the time. No wonder they have so much more productive lives. One of the things that I really enjoy is an increased sense of alertness. I even feel like I’m a better driver. I notice things more and can pay attention to more things at the same time. Cognitively, I feel sharper. I am very, very excited about being “on track” now with this type of care!

I have shared my experience with a lot of people, and I’m hoping that they will be encouraged to give it a try. I realize that it’s hard to understand that an adjustment that is so gentle could really be doing anything. My daughter has started going, and unlike me, who has 40 years worth of damage, she only has 20 years, even though we have the same symptoms. We are very encouraged as we are able to see, in comparing our x-rays, what this care will be able to prevent from happening. I am really looking forward to seeing my daughter, at her young age, not having to experience what I have over the years.

The evidence is mounting that this really works because of the number of people who are being helped by it, and, I have never seen such “word-of mouth” excitement about anything!

Suzanne E.