Fibromyalgia, Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, Always Tired, Tired, Chronic Fatigue SyndromeWhen one thinks of
fibromyalgia, they do not often think about ear problems in association with it. However, a team of researchers in Japan has found that earaches, a feeling of fullness in the ear, or ringing in the ear can mean that a person is suffering from fibromyalgia. The Journal of Clinical Rheumatology reported about this study and stated that the conclusion does not have to do with the ear not functioning properly but rather something called central sensitization. What is this and what does it mean for fibromyalgia patients?

Fibromyalgia and Central Sensitization

Central sensitization has to do with the malfunction of a person’s central nervous system in the way it acts as the warning system for the body. If the nervous system detects that the person is in any physical harm, it signals the brain to react. For example, when a person touches something hot, the hand jerks away so as not to sustain further damage.

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When central sensitization is involved, it is as if the central nervous system is overreacting. It is warning the brain that a person is experiencing severe pain when, in fact, little or no pain is present. The body, therefore, feels real pain with no specific stimuli. This can happen at any time, in any situation, even affecting the person’s sleep.

What to Do for Fibromyalgia Relief in St. Charles, IL

Central sensitization is not a permanent condition. Often, it is related to a misalignment of the upper neck vertebrae. The job of the C1 and C2 vertebrae is to protect the brainstem and spinal cord. If they become misaligned, they can actually create pressure on the spinal cord leading to problems with the central nervous system.

The misalignment can be as small as ¼ of a millimeter and still cause major problems throughout the body, including fibromyalgia. Once corrected through a gentle procedure, many patients report seeing a decrease in their symptoms. Some see the disease go into remission completely.
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