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If you’re pregnant, it is important that you have the proper prenatal care for your child during your pregnancy. It’s health is largely dependent on it’s environment, and you are the primary care taker of that environment. That means you need to take certain measures to ensure your child’s health before they enter the world, so as to reduce the risk of complications.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of those things you should add to your daily habits and take away from your daily habits to ensure your child’s health. It may take adjusting, but the rewards outweigh the costs.

Caring for Your Unborn Child

  • Hygiene – Contact with other person, including kissing and sexual contact, as well as handling bodily fluids, can cause infections. It is important to wash your hands after person to person
    contact. It is also important to wash your hands before and after preparing food and eating, cleaning up after other children or helping them with activities such as potty time and after
    gardening or touching soil.
  • Dietary – There are dietary precautions that every person should take in order to avoid getting an infection from foods. Food poisoning can result from bacteria and viruses, parasites, mold,
    toxins, contaminants, or allergens. It is important to wash fruits and vegetables with an antimicrobial soap under cold water and take other precautions when handling food.
  • Upper Cervical Care – This is perhaps the most overlooked but the most vital aspect of prenatal care. It is important that an upper cervical chiropractor examine your upper neck
    vertebrae for any misalignments for two reasons. The first is so the mother’s brain can communicate with the body properly via the brainstem. The other is that aligning the top two
    vertebrae in the neck will cause the entire spine to move into alignment, and that is important to make sure the child can enter the world through a properly aligned birthing canal.

Caring for Your Spine

As that unborn child grows within you, your body needs to make room for it. There’s only so much space in a person’s body, and a growing child causes organs to move around. An upper cervical
chiropractor will examine your upper neck vertebrae for any misalignments and correct those misalignments, to help ensure your body stays in alignment for the health of your child.

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