Instant relief and finally sleep…

Fischer PhotoDear Dr. Kleinfelter,

“Thank you” doesn’t seem adequate to express my gratitude to you for your care of me. Since being under NUCCA care, I have received healing from God through your skilled hands. After 6 days of insomnia, fog, pain, and discouragement, the adjustment you gave me yesterday brought instant relief and finally sleep.

When I am discouraged at being in your office so much, your encouragement has meant so much to me. You never make me feel like I am overstepping my bounds.

You truly go above and beyond the call of duty as you have a sincere and genuine interest in each of your patients. May God continue to use the gift He has given you to bring restored health to those lives He brings into your practice. You are a rare gem in my treasure box of life!

Phyllis F.

August 2005