For the past ten months, I endured a nerve condition that affected the left side of my neck and face. This condition involved no pain to speak of, but was characterized by a continuous intermittent tingling effect, that manifested itself based on my body position or stance. Even though there was no pain, the annoyance factor was grave.

Previously, I had gone to a physical therapist to see if I could find relief for my condition. That effort was essentially to no avail. It simply didn’t help my condition.

When I first came to Dr. Pearson at 1st Place Chiropractic, I knew nothing about NUCCA and had no prior conception of this type of work. The doctor acted in all ways as one would expect health care professionals to conduct themselves. She explained clearly and logically the basis of the NUCCA practice and philosophy, and what its approach entailed.

I have been under care since July 2005. Much to my relief, by late autumn, my condition had vanished. I am very grateful. Although I combined regular, daily neck exercises with my check-ups and occasional realignments, I’m inclined to give full credit to NUCCA for my progress. My progress has been steady and unabated, and my condition has not returned!

Recently, I happened to be visiting a friend who is close to my age of 58 years, who had a history of back and foot problems. He happened to learn of NUCCA through an acquaintance. In the course of the conversation, we accidentally discovered that we were both clients of a NUCCA practice. He had tried various modalities in search of solutions for his ailments, and reported to me that he had at last found a great success with NUCCA. His experience validated my own as well.

Patrick K.