1st Place Chiropractic Has Saved Us Thousands!

It has been just over three years now that we have been coming to 1st Place Chiropractic to see Dr. Kleinfelter as a family. Originally, I had called just for my husband who suffered from a bulged disk in his lower back. For years he had worked with a traditional chiropractor going weekly for adjustments to his back. He regularly saw a physician and spent a lot of money on prescriptions to relieve the pain. In addition, he had insomnia all the time and was never really relieved of his pain. Often, he had to take muscle relaxers just to walk, sit or even sleep. I had read an article about Dr. Kleinfelter’s type of chiropractic care and decided to call.

When I talked to Debbie on the phone, she expressed the importance for our whole family to be examined. I agreed, only with the understanding that the first consultation was complimentary and that we could decide what we wanted to do. At that time, I only wanted to find something that helped my husband. Spending money for all of us to go the chiropractic route was not an “entertaining thought” in my head. I didn’t think that chiropractic care could help with my illness or my son’s. I have Crohn’s Disease and my son has multiple food/environmental allergies. It seemed to me that only a medical physician was qualified to help these illnesses.

At our first visit, Dr. Kleinfelter took the time to understand my husband’s situation and all the illnesses that we were currently facing. She made it clear that the body has the tools necessary to heal illness and disease when our nerves are unhindered and allowed to “communicate” properly within the body. I began to understand that this could mean we would not have to rely on our physicians and pharmaceutical medications as much. Dr. Kleinfelter also made it clear that healing would not happen overnight. We would need to work at overcoming years of misalignment one-step at a time. In addition, she addressed our financial concerns. I was worried that all the costs would be “out of pocket”. We were already spending a lot of money on regular co-pays for doctor visits, prescription drugs and even expensive specialists. She explained her rates and setup a payment plan for us, with the goal that we would not have to see her as often in the future so that it would be a manageable plan to pay off. I found her rates significantly lower than our previous chiropractor’s were. Plus, visits would not be dictated by our insurance company on how many times in a week/year that they would allow. She explained that she didn’t want to be hindered by how the insurance company controls the type of care that an individual gets, she wanted to be able to manage our care and eventually get us to a point where we only had to come in for “maintenance type visits”.

Within the first six months, my husband’s back problems significantly improved and by the end of the first year he felt healed. He had not needed to visit the physician throughout the entire healing process. In addition, he began sleeping normally – no more insomnia! Our son also experienced healing very quickly and we found we could control allergy attacks by coming for an adjustment rather than resorting to the pediatrician/allergist and antihistamines. Because most medications had other unpleasant side effects (mood swings, exhaustion, agitation, hyper-sensitivity, etc..), not having to give him medication was a huge improvement, Although he still has allergies, we have found the key to controlling them is maintaining balanced nerves.

For me, the first year was hard. Little did I think that I would be the one who would need Dr. Kleinfelter’s care the most! Her work on my body proved to me that my nerves play a major part in my Crohn’s Disease. I quickly began to associate my “flare ups” with misalignment. The most amazing thing is that pain immediately dissipates once I am adjusted! I also was able to get off all of my medications for my disease. This has been a great cost savings to our family as those prescriptions were incredibly expensive and mostly not covered under our insurance plan. I no longer need to see a specialist regularly; I just go once a year and hear him say “You are doing great!” That has also been a great cost savings, as our insurance did not always cover those expenses.

Although our visits are paid “out of pocket” at 1st Place Chiropractic, she has worked with us so we have not noticed a financial strain. I firmly believe that she has saved us thousands of dollars. We were spending several thousand dollars a year “out of pocket” for the things our insurance plan would not cover just on me alone! Now that has all changed.

Today, our entire family is living free of pain and without the consistent need to be at the physician’s office or paying for prescriptions. We are able to maintain our chiropractic visits on an as needed basis or occasional maintenance. Our payment plan to Dr. Kleinfelter was paid off just after one year of care. In addition, our insurance plan offers a flexible spending plan that we began using to pay our chiropractic care. I am able to estimate our chiropractic needs for the coming year and save up to 30% through the flexible spending plan. We have seen the savings in other areas with decreased spending on medical expenses over all. That is such a blessing! We thank God for Dr. Kleinfelter and her staff!

Nicole W.
St. Charles, IL