when I experience Crohn’s flare-ups, it usually means that I need an adjustment.

Wang family photoI have Crohn’s Disease and have always experienced discomfort. I am constantly trying new diet techniques to see what will help. The only diet that works well for my flare-ups is a simple Carbohydrate diet, excluding grains. This is very hard to do!

Over the last 10 years I constantly took conventional medicine to manage my Crohn’s. I took Steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, and immune suppressive medications. None of these gave me much relief from the disease. I tried typical chiropractic for a while, but had very little result.

Originally, I called 1st Place Chiropractic for my husband. He was suffering from a bulging disc and low back pain. When I called to make the first appointment, the office manager, Debbie, suggested that our whole family come for a consultation. At first I was skeptical. I didn’t think I needed an adjustment in my spine because it all seemed irrelevant to my Crohn’s pain. Debbie helped me understand that it was all my choice but that it would be a good opportunity. Dr. Kleinfelter was very knowledgeable about her field and my interest in alternative medicine techniques made me willing to give it a try.

On our first visit, Dr. Kleinfelter checked us all out and found that even I had spinal imbalances that she could help with. She helped us understand how the body’s nervous system is designed. This made it easier to see how it could help me, though I still didn’t really believe that my nerves could affect Crohn’s flare-ups. Dr. Kleinfelter was very kind and showed a real interest and concern for our health, even at this first visit. You just don’t meet doctors like that today.

I have been under Upper Cervical Care since January 2004. It took several months for my body to become strong enough to hold my adjustment for any length of time. Once that happened, though, I really started to feel good. I began to feel so good, that in November 2004, I stopped taking all the medications I was on for Crohn’s Disease. This is the first time in over 10 years that I have not had to take prescription drugs to feel “somewhat” well. Dr. Kleinfelter has a picture of an iceberg in her office. It shows the tip of the iceberg protruding above the water, while the massive base of the iceberg lies below the water. Each time I visit for a checkup, I look at that picture and am reminded of what Upper Cervical Care is doing for me. This care addresses the underlying cause of my disease and helps my body to heal itself. Drugs only address the part of the “iceberg” (illness) that is seen “above the water” (on the surface). Upper Cervical Chiropractic goes right to the underlying cause of the illness, which is typically much larger than we may suspect. Over the last year I have come to realize that when I experience Crohn’s flare-ups, it usually means that I am out of alignment, and I need an adjustment. After I am adjusted, I literally feel the pain leave my body while I am still in the office. The correction is that sensitive! It has been my experience that our bodies have the potential to heal themselves, if we can find the key and use it.

Dr. Kleinfelter has affordable office visit rates, and the reason for that is because she doesn’t have to pay staff to handle insurance claims. That way, Dr. Kleinfelter and her staff are able to focus on you, the patient, not your insurance company. Debbie is great at explaining all you need to know and providing you with the forms you need to send to your insurance company, if you need assistance. I am convinced that you will not find another practitioner out there that can match the expertise, kindness, caring attitude, and ability to listen that Dr. Kleinfelter exhibits every day to every patient in her practice.

Our whole family is cared for by Dr. Kleinfelter. As for my husband—no more back pain! Many doctors wanted him to get Cortisone shots and talked about surgery. Since he has been under Dr. Kleinfelter’s care, his body has healed itself without any of those methods of conventional medicine. My son, who is 5 years old, is also a patient and he loves Dr. Kleinfelter. I take him to get checked anytime I notice his attention span getting too short. I am always amazed at how well he does with learning and listening when in alignment. No matter how skeptical you may be, it is worth a try!

Nicole W.