Text Neck, Neck pain, Neck Ache, Head Pain, Headache, Upper CervicalLooking for a weather update? What are today’s news headlines? Smartphones today can almost do it all – from instantly bringing up information to changing the channel on the TV. New technologies continue to change the humble telephone into an indispensable personal assistant. It is no wonder that we see individuals of all ages engrossed in their devices. The convenience and entertainment we get, however, also bring a host of new health concerns.

Text neck has become a popular term describing the effects of constantly looking down at one’s phone. While it is not an actual diagnosis, the changes in muscle and ligament tissue around the head and neck can cause serious issues. Probably the most noticeable effect is the change in the natural curve of the neck.

The technical term for this condition is occipital neuralgia. Due to the repetitive nature of looking down at a phone, the weight of the head adds increased strain on the spine. It is estimated that nearly 60 pounds of pressure are added to the support around the head. This type of weight can pull the upper cervical vertebrae out of alignment.

Is there anything that can be done to correct the condition?

Usually occipital neuralgia is treated through a series of injections, aimed at blocking nerve signals at the base of the skull. This is not a pleasant way to have to deal with the condition, and it unfortunately does not correct the underlying cause. For many, a more natural and less invasive approach is preferred. That is where upper cervical chiropractic care can be of assistance.

The upper cervical vertebrae are critical in maintaining structural health for the head and neck. When the C1, or Atlas bone, is misaligned, pain and other symptoms may be experienced. Through gentle maneuvering and exact measuring, realignment can be achieved with as little as one adjustment. Addressing the problem of text neck at its root and allowing for time to correct the changes in neck structure are both possible.

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