“…it really made me lose confidence in any kind of Chiropractic work”

Nan Storm photoI have two degenerative bulging discs which have produced much back pain. I had been going to chiropractors for about 25 years and I was no longer responding to their treatment. One of the chiropractors I went to had a motto: “no pain, no gain”. Let me tell you, there was a lot of pain and no gain. It really made me lose confidence in any kind of chiropractic work. I know that if it was hurting me, it wasn’t helping me.

I heard about Upper Cervical Chiropractic from my sister in law. She and her friends had positive results, so she recommended that I go see Dr. Kleinfelter. I decided to give it a try. I didn’t think anything could help me, but I hoped and prayed that it would, and left it in the hands of God.

On my first visit, I was hopeful, but pessimistic, because I couldn’t see how it could help. The premise seemed to make sense “on paper”, although many things on paper make sense, but in actuality, don’t really work. When she said she could help me, I just about cried.

This past year that I have been under her care, Dr. Kleinfelter has proved the part that sounded sensible “on paper” regarding how this alignment affects everything in your body. I know I will never be one hundred percent, because of the degeneration that has occurred, but at least I can move through life without pain and go places again. When somebody asks me to go out or do something, I look forward to it, because I don’t have to “dread” the pain anymore. I have had other positive effects as well. My vision has improved, and my TMJ has been cured. I have Colitis, and that has also improved.

Sometimes, I don’t realize, over time, how much better I’m feeling because I get “used to it”. If I lose my adjustment and let it go too long, though, all the symptoms begin to return again, reminding me what a difference this can make. I am just thrilled with the results!

Many people who are overweight have been told by chiropractors that nothing is going to help them unless they lose weight. When I went to Dr. Kleinfelter, I thought she was going to tell me the same thing, but she never did. I know losing weight would be helpful, but it has never stood in the way of my treatment. For those who are overweight, and are skeptical about trying Upper Cervical Chiropractic because you feel you know what the doctor will say; you will be happy to know that she doesn’t make an issue of your weight, and she doesn’t use it as an excuse for why your back isn’t working as it should be. Dr. Kleinfelter is so warm and “down-to earth”, and such a genuine person. I have never felt like a number, or hurried, or like, “you’re just wasting my time”. She has never said “no pain, no gain”. With these adjustments there is never, ever any pain.

She gave me my life back.

Nan S.