Migraine, Upper Cervical, Migraine Triggers, Medication, Headache, Migraines, Headaches, Migraine MedicationThe spectrum of factors linked with migraines is staggering. Everything from allergies to the environment and even, ironically enough, medication for migraines has been shown to cause migraine pain. Even so, the processes that occur internally that lead to migraine pain are not well known. There are a few theories, though.

One theory involves neuronal disturbance. A sudden disturbance can cause depolarization of neurons. The theory points to this paroxysmal event as a trigger for transient symptoms associated with migraines.

Vascular disturbance is being attributed to migraine pain as well. Blood flow to the brain is crucial. This theory explores the effects of an arterial spasm or flow disturbance in the cerebral artery as a cause for the sudden and temporary onset of symptoms and migraine pain.

When Flow Is Interrupted

Research has more than once indicated that for migraine sufferers, interruption with the trigeminovascular system can impair cerebral function. These studies involved those whose upper cervical vertebrae, including the atlas vertebra, were misaligned. When these bones are out of alignment, they can interfere with these delicate vascular systems.

Help for Those with Migraine Pain

Misalignments in the upper cervical area can contribute to either neuronal depolarization or vascular disturbances within the brain. Both issues can be the result of pressure on the brainstem. This is how your brain communicates with the body. Any miscommunication here and a host of symptoms can occur, including migraines. Such interference can happen when the upper cervical vertebrae are only fractions of a millimeter off alignment. Fixing this opens up these all-important lines of communication within the aforementioned systems and allows them to heal and function properly.

Rather than trying to medicate the symptoms of migraine pain, the actual cause of the issues can be resolved with this gentle chiropractic approach.

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