Migraine, Headache, CaffeineCaffeine and Your Migraines

Attention all Migraine Headaches sufferers! The truth is sometimes chemicals and preservatives found in certain foods and beverages are the culprits behind migraine pain. The most common of those is caffeine, which is often found in coffee and chocolate.

Though, what is ironic, is that while headache medication is meant to relieve headaches sufferers of that pain in their heads, there are many types of headaches medicines that consist of caffeine. Any type of migraine medication, whether it consists of caffeine or not, is not designed to heal your body. It is only meant to cover the symptoms.

Here is a list of medications that contain caffeine:

Over-the-Counter Caffeinated Headache Medications

  • Anacin Maximum Strength: 32 mg
  • Actamin Super: 65.4 mg
  • Anacin Tablets and Caplets: 32 mg
  • Aspirin-Free Excedrin Caplets: 65 mg
  • Bayer Select Maximum Strength Headache Pain Relief: 65.4 mg
  • Dristan Capsules: 16 mg
  • Excedrin Caplets: 65 mg
  • Excedrin Extra Strength Caplets and Tablets: 65 mg
  • Goody’s Extra Strength Tablets: 16.25 mg
  • Goody’s Headache Powder: 32.5 mg
  • Midol Menstrual Maximum Strength Caplets: 60 mg
  • Midol for Cramps Maximum Strength Caplets: 32.4 mg
  • NoDoz: 200 mg
  • Vanquish Caplets: 33 mg
  • Vivarin: 200 mg

Prescription Caffeinated Headache Medications

  • Cafergot Suppositories (Cafertrine, Cafetrate, Migergot, Wigraine): 100 mg
  • Cafergot Tablets (Ercaf, Ergo-Caff, Gotamine, Wigraine): 100 mg
  • Fiorinal Capsules and Tablets: 40 mg
  • Fiorinal with Codeine No. 3: 40 mg
  • Norgesic; Norphadrine: 30 mg
  • Norgesic Forte; Norphadrine Forte: 30 mg
  • Triaminicin with Codeine Tablets: 30 mg

The good news is upper cervical chiropractic is a proven method of chiropractic that helps reduce and even eliminate migraine attacks. This specific and gentle form of chiropractic will frequently help relieve you of your migraine attacks by focusing on any misalignments in the upper cervical spine.

It only takes a misalignment of ¼ of a millimeter of the top two bones in the vertebrae to place enough pressure on the brainstem to hinder the brain’s ability to communicate with the body. Realigning those two bones will restore the brain’s ability to communicate with the body, so the body can begin to heal itself.

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