Lower Back Pain, Lower Back, Back Pain, Back Ache, Pinched Nerve, Numbness, Tingling, Sciatica Pain Relief, Sciatica, injury, back injury, work injuryEach year, people spend about $300 billion on pain relief. Whether it is pills, procedures, or (in some states) medical marijuana, people are looking for a way to get through the day without the lower back pain that makes everything from driving to sitting at a desk a real chore. Here’s what is wrong with simply covering up the pain.

Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Pills don’t fix the problem. They just relieve the pain, and temporarily at that. Pain is like a fire alarm for the body. It’s a warning that something needs attention. Pain medication is like turning off the alarm without looking to see why it went off in the first place. The results can be disastrous.

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Treating Lower Back Pain Without Pills

To get away from the mentality that we can just cover the pain and forget about it, there has to be something proactive to do. After all, you shouldn’t just have to live with the pain. Here are a few simple things that can help reduce pain:

  • If something hurts, stop – If a particular exercise or activity makes your back pain worse, don’t push through the pain. You may be making the underlying issue worse.
  • Lift properly – If you have to lift something, whether you are presently in pain or not, lift the right way. Bend at the knees, get in close to the object, and activate your core and legs as you lift.
  • Sit and stand straight – Good posture is a key to spinal health. This is especially true if you sit for hours at a time at work or while commuting.
  • Strengthen your core – The stronger your abdomen, hips, and lower back muscles are, the less strain you will feel when being active.

Upper cervical chiropractic can also help with your pain. This is because the top vertebrae in the neck are vital to maintaining good posture. No matter how well aligned the rest of your back is, it won’t last without those top two vertebrae being aligned. So come to 1st Place Chiropractic, and we’ll get your upper cervical spine in the proper alignment for optimal spinal health.

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