My friend’s husband and her eighty year old father are patients at 1st Place Chiropractic. NUCCA made them feel so well, that my friend recommended Dr. Kleinfelter to me for my pain.

I had really severe pain at the bottom of my head and at the back of my neck for about two or three months. If I needed to look down for any reason, it was very hard to bring my head back up and it caused me great pain. I had tried Pilate’s exercises to stretch my muscles in hope of relieving the pain, but it really didn’t help. I could hardly move, and I could never get comfortable.

The first adjustment was so gentle, I thought she was just pushing my hair out of the way, but afterward, for the first time ever in my life, my hips were even. Even when I was a little girl, my mother would have to hem my pants’ legs at different lengths because one hip was higher than the other. I thought it was just hereditary. But, after the first adjustment, I stood up, and though the pain wasn’t completely gone, it was so minimized! I also appreciated that treatment wasn’t started until Dr. Kleinfelter had a chance to thoroughly review the precise x-rays and give me a full explanation of the NUCCA method, which made a whole lot of sense. After the first treatment, I was sold!

Through the years I have had pains in my back. I just figured it was arthritis, but when it hit my neck, it was just too hard to endure. Since I have been seeing Dr. Kleinfelter for about a year and a half, I no longer have severe neck pain and I don’t get the pains in my back that I used to get either. My clothes never fit me properly before, but now that I’m in alignment, even the buttons on my blouse don’t shift to the left, but stay nice and straight, along with my spine. I am so grateful that not only the degeneration in my spine has stopped, but also that my last x-ray showed improvement in my spine.

I drive about 45 minutes to Dr. Kleinfelter’s office, but I don’t mind the drive because they make you feel like you’re family and they are going to take care of you, and that’s just what they do.

Kathy D.