vertigo, dizziness, disequilibrium, dizzyAmerica’s Battle with Vertigo

Did you know Jordin Sparks went for a period of four days without a good night’s sleep after she suffered from an episode of Vertigo? She wrote in a Tweet, “I have not had a solid sleep session for 4 days. I have a serious case of vertigo. Dizzy when I’m up & dizzy when I’m laying down.”

The irony is that Sparks released a CD in 2009 on which there is a song called Vertigo. The difference between the dizziness she suffers from and her song is that the song is about love making her dizzy, but now it is an inner ear infection that is making her dizzy.

Sparks is not alone in her battle with a vestibular disorder such as Vertigo. There are various medical treatments including dozens of medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, but those do no more than control the symptoms. That may seem great, but controlling the symptoms doesn’t get to the root cause of the pain.

Head and Neck Trauma and Vertigo

Of course, getting to the root cause of that pain is easy to ignore, but it is important that you not ignore that pain. The fact is that many people who suffer from vestibular disorders like Vertigo, dizziness, disequilibrium, and more suffered from one or more head or neck traumas.

Many people who suffer from vestibular disorders like vertigo, dizziness, disequilibrium and others have a history of head and neck trauma.  Some of the most hopeful research for vertigo sufferers has come out in the past five years.

For people like Jordin Sparks and others who suffer from Vertigo and other Vestibular disorders, it is important they have their upper cervical spine examined for any misalignments. A misalignment of only ¼ of a millimeter in those top two bones in the vertebrae could lead to nerve damage that could affect the inner ear and result in such conditions as Vertigo.

The good news is that realigning those two bones can restore that proper nerve flow, thus reducing the symptoms of Vertigo and allowing the body to begin to heal itself.

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