No Inhaler, No Meds!

I have a ten year old son and a twelve year old son. Both of my boys were complaining that their neck and shoulders were hurting them. My sister and my neighbor both go to Dr. Kleinfelter, and I really wanted to find a chiropractor for my kids that would be gentler than some of the chiropractors that you hear about with the “bone-cracking” type of care. NUCCA seemed like the right avenue for us.

I took my twelve year old to Dr. Kleinfelter first. He had broken his arm a year ago and his mobility with that arm was progressively getting worse. But after his neck was corrected, that problem cleared up, along with his neck and back pain. My son has also had an added benefit, in that he is now allergy-free and off of all his medications. He has had no symptoms whatsoever.

In the beginning, Dr. Kleinfelter had said that my son’s allergies would probably subside, and I thought, that would be nice, but… yeah right! You just don’t believe it until it happens. My son had very strong allergies, and we had even switched prescriptions because nothing was really working anymore, but he has had nothing this year!

We then took my ten year old to Dr. Kleinfelter for his neck and back. He also had suffered from allergies, and had been diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma. He was having a really bad year with his asthma, and needed to use his inhaler, but since he’s been receiving chiropractic treatment, he has not had to use his inhaler.

There is so much more to this than I expected. Dr. Kleinfelter is caring for the whole body. She doesn’t just treat the symptoms, but addresses the underlying issues, and that’s exactly what you would like to see when you go to the doctor.

We’ve had so many positive effects from going to Dr. Kleinfelter. It’s a good feeling to know, that, even though you can treat all of those symptoms with medicine, we are able to say now, that our boys are pain-free and medicine-free! It has been a wonderful experience for us.

Jeanne P.