Ear Infection, Child, AntibioticsYour Child, their Ear Infections, and Antibiotics

So, just in case you’re wondering if all of those antibiotics are good for your children, the answer is they are, but only if you want them to develop more health complications throughout there life. Sure, they they have certain short term benefits, but those benefits come with huge long-term costs.

Walter Belenky M.D. Made this statement:

“Chronic middle ear problems in children have not diminished, despite the number of antibiotics being used to treat them. We’ve created a whole new kind of problem. We’ve used antibiotics so excessively in the first year of life we’ve depressed the development of the child’s immune system.”

Since he works in the pediatrics field, and ear infections are the most common reason parents bring their children to the doctor (according to WebMD), Belenky knows a thing or two about ear infections. It’s so common that every year 30,000,000 kids go to doctors because of ear infections.

The Inner Ear Connection

Now, you may be wondering why children are so prone to getting ear infections. It’s because the Eustachian Tube, which extends from the middle ear to the nasopharynx, is not properly ventilated. Fluid builds up causing the middle ear to become warm, damp, and stagnant. The worst part is that fluid build up causes the ear to become more susceptible to infection.

As we said, all of those antibiotics parents give to their children do have positive benefits, but parents should be warned that those benefit come with costs. The costs are so high that all of those antibiotics, and for some children that means being medicated for ear infections 12 times before their second birthday, often means a reduced immune system.

Every time that ear infection comes back because the fluid build up has not been addressed, more and more antibiotics are given to children. The purpose of those antibiotics is to force that drainage, but that drainage is just going to be forced again and again every time your child gets another ear infection.

Opening that Passageway

With just a few adjustments to a misalignment in your child’s upper neck vertebrae, which may have resulted from a birth trauma, you can help your child find relief from their ear infections. That’s because adjusting those two bones, also called the upper cervical spine, causes the Eustachian Tube to open and close correctly.

Though, that takes trusting an upper cervical chiropractor to examine your child’s upper cervical spine for any misalignments. We know it may not be easy to think of your baby or infant not taking medication or entrusting someone to adjust their spine. But upper cervical chiropractic is a gentle and specific type of chiropractic that focuses on correcting any misalignments in the upper neck. And there is no popping, twisting or cracking.

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