Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Always TiredLiving with Fibromyalgia is no easy task. It is a condition that affects every aspect of a person’s life. But it becomes easier to live with when friends and family of those who suffer from it understand how it affects a person’s ability to live a pain free life. There are many symptoms an FMS sufferer deals with, but they all result from the following symptoms.

Fibromyalgia Facts

Allodynia & Hyperesthesia – These occur in the central nervous system. When a person experiences Hyperthesia, their responses to stimuli is heightened, thus they will feel more pain. Though, these heightened sensations can also lead to sensitivity to sound, taste, texture, and more. Allodynia is similar, in that it causes a person to feel undue pain, but it usually occurs after an injury to that area and often results in a burning sensation.

Restorative Sleep – Restorative sleep is the quantity and quality of rest our body needs to function optimally. That not only means getting a full eight hours of sleep, it also means getting restful sleep. Fibromyalgia suffers often don’t get enough restorative sleep because of disturbances due to heightened sensitivity to outside stimuli.

Fibromyalgia Case Study

In a recent case study, a 31 year old female Fibromyalgia sufferer revealed she was involved in an automobile accident when she was five. She had gone through the windshield of the vehicle and suffered various injuries as a result. She was in another car accident in 2007, in which her knees smashed into the dashboard, as well as she also experienced many other injuries throughout her life.

Before her upper cervical care began, she took Hyrdocodone, Cymbalta, Ranitidine, Topomax, and Ultram. She also wore a Fentanyl patch and received Depo shots. Fearful that all of the medications she took were diminishing the quality of her life, she sought non-pharmacological methods to deal with her pain.

After her initial examination, her condition was managed by a an upper cervical specific method which addresses misalignments of the upper neck vertebra. Upper cervical specific methods restore proper alignment between the head in the neck where the brain stem and spinal cord come together. These upper neck misalignments if left uncorrected can cause a neurological interference to how the brain and the body communicate.

This type of undetected brainstem injury has been linked to both hyperesthesia and allodynia.

Upper Cervical Results

At the beginning of the patient’s care, she was evaluated closely but only required 5 upper cervical corrective procedures over an 18 month period. One of the goals of upper cervical care is sustainability. Unlike general chiropractic adjustments or other procedures, upper cervical care seeks to restore proper alignment to the upper neck and then leave it alone and tell it misalignments again. It is not uncommon for someone to hold an upper cervical correction for months or even years.

The head and neck injuries in her past had led to misalignments in the upper neck and resulting nerve and blood flow changes. Since correcting this upper neck misalignment she now reports an 80% reduction in fibromyalgia pain, she is off all of her medications, reports no pain in her joints, is able to go to the gym again, and has experienced increased mental health.

If you or a loved one suffers from Fibromyalgia, it is a condition that not only affects the person with it but also those who love and care for that person. Please, don’t continue to go through unnecessary suffering. Seek the care of an upper cervical specialist today.

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