Ben Petrick, Head Injury, Head Trauma, ParkinsonsBen Petrick, former Colorado Rockies’ Catcher, is battling Parkinson’s according to a number of news reports. Parkinson’s is well-known for causing tremors, but another symptom is difficulty putting one’s thoughts in order, especially to speak. Petrick retired at 27 years of age due to the disease, but still loves the sport and coaches players in the Portland area.

Approximately one and a half million people in the US have Parkinson’s disease. The disease strikes by destroying brains cells that are responsible for the production of dopamine. This chemical is vital to muscle movement. Without it, patients deal with worsening tremors and rigid limbs. Everything from walking to speaking becomes increasingly difficult.

Petrick has something in common with many others who suffer from this disease. He has quite a few concussions in his history. Concussions are a frequent injury for catchers in the majors. The MLB is struggling with the same problem as the NFL – players who don’t want to be sidelined by a “minor” head injury. Because they view the injury as minor, they simply don’t tell anyone.

Drug-Free Parkinson’s Treatment

Concussions are common in professional sports. As a result, many athletes suffer from Parkinson’s later in life. Not everyone is willing to take medications that provide little relief of symptoms and never address the underlying problem.

Dr. Kyrie Kleinfleter of St. Charles, Illinois is an upper cervical chiropractor who works at relieving Parkinson’s symptoms by attacking the underlying problem – the damage done by head and neck trauma. By evaluating the C1 and C2 vertebrae for misalignments, Dr. Kleinfelter can find injuries that may be restricting cerebrospinal fluid or blood flow in the central nervous system. Such injuries may go unnoticed for years after a trauma and ultimately may cause a neurological condition such as Parkinson’s.

If a misalignment is detected, personalized treatment can be recommended. Adjustments are gentle. There is no popping or cracking like in general chiropractic. Once misalignments are corrected, spinal fluid and blood can flow freely. The result is a resolution of many symptoms and conditions.

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