My daughter went to Dr. Kleinfelter at the age of nine because she had very little bladder control. It caused a lot of problems. She could not go to sleepovers because it was too embarrassing. She was quite a bit older and was still having to wear pull-ups.

When my daughter was about two years old, we potty-trained her, but she seemed to be trained for only a couple of months. When she started to wet the bed, I thought she really wasn’t trained after all. From that point on, we were constantly having problems. At first, she would wet the bed once a week, and then it became more frequent. It just went on for years and years, and we tried many different routes to help her.

When my daughter was seven years old, we went to a doctor who referred us to a Pediatric Urologist. My daughter had to learn to do Kegal exercises while they monitored her, so she could learn to isolate the muscle contractions. She was supposed to practice those exercises every single day. She also had to undergo some very invasive tests to make sure she did not have a kidney disease; tests that an adult would not even want to have. It was very difficult, but she was a real trouper. They put her on tons of medicine to control the bladder. The doctor was constantly saying she was constipated and was doing all kinds of bowel cleansing with her. She would normally have a bowel movement about two or three times a day, and I kept insisting that she couldn’t possibly be constipated, but the doctor would tell me that he could feel it in her bowels. None of the procedures we tried really worked. Some doctors said she would outgrow it, but she continued to wet the bed at least three times a week, during the night. We finally resorted to having her wear pull-ups at home. It is also important for me to mention that my daughter had been under regular chiropractic care since she was born. It bothered me that the adjustments weren’t helping her with her bladder problem, and so I decided to start seeking other chiropractic care. We saw two other chiropractors, to no avail, before we found Dr. Kleinfelter.

A friend of mine told me about Dr. Kleinfelter and the NUCCA technique. I never heard of this type of care and wondered how adjusting one vertebrae could correct so many problems, most essentially the bladder problem. I did believe in alternative medicine and chiropractic care, and my friend spoke so highly of Dr. Kleinfelter, that I decided to give it a try.

Dr. Kleinfelter was amazingly thorough and took the time to answer all of my questions. I could see for myself on the x-rays the degrees that the atlas bone was misaligned and I saw that it really did make a difference.

My daughter has been under Dr. Kleinfelter’s care for about two and a half years now. She is one hundred percent recovered from her bladder problem. It took several months before we noticed that she wasn’t wetting anymore. Then, the first time she had an accident, we already had a scheduled appointment with Dr. Kleinfelter. We went in for her check-up, and we found that she was out of alignment. So, for about the next six months, when she would have an accident, we would get her checked and always find out that it was because she was out of alignment. After that time period passed, she no longer had the bladder control issues at all, even if she went out of alignment.

I know for a fact that Dr. Kleinfelter helped my daughter get over her bladder control problem, and without this care, she would still be having issues. I am very glad we found Dr. Kleinfelter!

Donna B. 2/19/07