I came to Doctor Kleinfelter with many, many different symptoms. I was experiencing fatigue, headaches, facial pain, sores, twitching, neck and back pain, swelling, dizziness nausea, pain, tingling, sleeping problems and numbness in my limbs. Everything kind of ached all of the time, but the more intense pain was my head and facial pain. I started noticing symptoms about ten years ago.

I first tried various prescription medications in an effort to regain my health. These medications did not remove the problems, but rather “masked” them and made me feel worse and “drugged up.” I have taken so many different drugs, that I couldn’t name them, but I never took them for more than a couple of days, if they made me feel like I couldn’t function properly. I took decongestants regularly to “relieve” the pain in my nose, unsuccessfully.

I had tried everything else and no doctor had ever been able to help, or even make connections between any of my symptoms. At this point I decided to try Upper Cervical chiropractic care. (did she come in under a killer ad?)

I had my doubts that Upper Cervical chiropractic would help me. After all, I was raised with “conventional medicine” thinking, and nothing I had tried previously had worked. The whole thing seemed too simple, but what Dr. Kleinfelter explained to me made so much sense for the first time. She took the time to answer my many questions, and the answers made sense. She also really has a heart to want to help people, which is refreshing. Debbie, her office manager, was just wonderful too.

Dr. Kleinfelter started me out on a treatment plan that called for two visits a week, “graduating” to twice a year, within a year’s time. I have had more than one injury, as was determined after care began, and as each one must be corrected, respectively- my care has taken a bit longer than originally anticipated. I am currently at the point of going every two weeks- but I feel overall 80% better, 80% of the time. I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years. It has been seven months since I started my care here.

My 9 year old son, and 2 year old daughter are also under Doctor Kleinfelter’s care. My son had headaches and leg aches. He has had only one adjustment and has not complained of any more symptoms. My daughter complains of stomachaches and sores. She has just recently begun care so we will have to wait and see.

Get Checked! This is my recommendation to everyone. The technique is so simple, no-invasive, pain-free (no forcing), and it can help so many conditions, because it is such a central, foundational area to the health of our whole bodies. I have told at least 20 people about the benefits of Upper Cevical chiropractic. I am thankful to God for His grace in bring me to Dr. Kleinfelter’s office. I am so happy to be able to do things again without pain, and I feel young again, physically. I am also very happy to know such wonder ladies as Kyrie and Debbie.

Signed:__Dana W.