Our 15-year old daughter was diagnosed with fibromyalgia…but, now the sparkle is back in her eyes

Brabson familyIn the Spring of 2001, our 15-year old daughter was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after undergoing a variety of tests and seeing numerous doctors.  She had always been troubled with migraine headaches; however, during her sophomore year of high school they became unmanageable.  The pain behind her eyes was so severe she was unable to sleep for months on end.  Eventually, this led to an inability to attend school.  Her health deteriorated further so that she developed extreme body pain along with the migraines, insomnia, and debilitating fatigue.  As time progressed, we sought some of the best doctors, especially pediatric rheumatologists and neurologists. She was put on one prescription medicine after another to try to help bring relief. In fact, we were told there were over 30 prescription drugs that might work; and we would just have to start on a long journey of trying one after the other in the hopes of finding a drug combination that worked.  The doctors finally settled on a large dose of an antidepressant, an antispasmodic, and then added a tranquilizer as well, all in a giant effort to help her pain and allow her to get some sleep.

The medications allowed our daughter to function physically at a bare minimum, but she now lived in such a drugged state.  She continued to not be able to get much sleep, still lived with constant pain and now developed more alarming problems due to medication side effects.  She did graduate from high school while on the medications and then went away to college for a time.  However, our daughter’s personality had changed, as well as her entire perspective on life.  She was irritable and unhappy most all the time, and was gaining weight at a rapid rate due to the antidepressant.  She was unable to drive because the medications made her constantly dizzy, and her academics suffered because her brain was so foggy from the drugs.  Finally, she took a hard fall down a flight of stairs while at college and had to come home.  Her dreams of a further education were put on hold until we could find some answers.

Meanwhile, in the Fall of 2003 while she was at college, our younger daughter, at the age of 14, experienced a mysterious injury where she fell backward for no apparent reason and hit her head very hard.  Due to this head injury she developed excruciating headaches.  All her life she had struggled with sleeping difficulties, but this injury magnified the insomnia to the point that she, just like her older sister, could not sleep all night long.  Many tests were run including x-rays, a CAT scan and an MRI in the search to find an answer for the migraine headaches and sleeplessness, but the efforts were in vain. The injury had definitely triggered great problems for her health.  She, too, quickly developed all over body pain often associated with fibromyalgia.  It was not long before she was unable to continue with her schoolwork, and we found ourselves again repeating the same nightmare now with our second child.

While seeking treatments for our first daughter, we had tried a chiropractor who “cracked” her neck each session.  We soon learned that this form of treatment was only making her worse rather than better and gave up the idea of chiropractic care.  When our younger daughter was getting no help from the “experts” and again they wanted to try the same long list of medications, we knew it was time to seek a better alternative.  A coworker of my husband’s recommended we try Dr. Kleinfelter’s treatment.  Although we were skeptical, we began investigating NUCCA chiropractic care. The concept that the atlas bone may be out of alignment, putting pressure on the brainstem intrigued us. We learned that an interference with the nervous system messages between the brain and body could cause many, many different serious health issues.  When our older daughter had first begun to see doctors for her headaches, I had repeatedly mentioned that I thought the pain was due to something wrong at the base of the skull because that was where all her pain seemed to originate.  They refused to touch her neck, or investigate it at all.  We mentioned the possibility to physical therapists as well who agreed there definitely was a problem with her neck, but didn’t offer any solutions.

We decided it was time to see Dr. Kleinfelter, first with our younger daughter, in late 2003.  Our initial visit with her was very positive.  The doctor explained that she had experienced very similar symptoms as both of our girls while in her early 20’s and how NUCCA care had changed her life.  After hearing her own personal story, we decided to take a step of faith and proceed with the treatments.  It was encouraging to know that the doctor could understand and relate to the debilitating pain and fatigue our girls faced.  It was clear Dr. Kleinfelter firmly believed she could help both of them.

The youngest daughter soon experienced improvement with the chiropractic treatments. Today she is ready to begin her senior year in high school and is an active 16-year old with the anticipation of attending college next year and moving on with her life. She recognizes the necessity of keeping up with chiropractic care if she is to stay healthy.

We were so encouraged by the younger daughter’s progress, so in early 2004, we began our older daughter on NUCCA chiropractic care.  She had to leave college and take time for her body to heal, but it was so worth it.  After eight months of chiropractic treatment, she was able to be completely off all medications, but it was a long haul.  We had been told the prescription drugs she was on were not addictive; that was not true.  Withdrawal was difficult, but the benefits were invaluable!  Once again, we have our older daughter back…full of life.  She is not able to live as energetically as most 20 year old girls; however, her pain, fatigue and sleeplessness are far less severe.  Her personality and her outlook on life have taken on the old brightness.  She has been able to get her driver’s license, return to college to work on her degree, play volleyball occasionally, and enjoy things she has missed such as riding roller coasters or roller skating.

We believe our daughters’ ability to function more normally lies in the secret of staying in alignment.  All through the suffering our daughters endured, we searched for a solution that would address the underlying cause of their health issues, not just a temporary cover-up of symptoms.  It seems this may be what we have found…and all without the harmful side effects of prescription medication.  This treatment has given us a new hope. The most difficult thing about the chiropractic treatments has been the patience needed as we wait for their bodies to heal by themselves; we are so accustomed today to want “instant gratification”.  However, the sparkle is back in their eyes and we will continue on the pilgrimage to wellness because the results are evident and we have a vision for things to be even better.

Anita B.